FBR Management is a premier beverage concessionaire

FBR Management is a team of seasoned professionals that has been providing full-service beverage concessions since 2012.

We collaborate with event production teams to maximize revenue, control costs, and execute the client’s vision. Open communication and transparency are maintained from project inception and throughout the process. From day-to-day operations and banking, to inventory control and settlement, the FBR approach to bar service has been refined through years of high-volume festivals and events. Our tried-and-true system is strategically based on linear bar feet and estimated attendance numbers to maximize transactions, minimize lines, and ensure efficient service and accurate product supply.Our comprehensive and detailed approach to large scale beverage operations allows our clients to focus on the entire event, while we work to produce successful logistical and financial outcomes. FBR takes pride in knowing that we provide our clients complete transparency of our point of sale operations, cash handling and event financials. We offer flexible fee structures and full exposure into our on-the-ground operations. ​

Our Festivals

Our Services

​Point of Sale Solution

We capture data at all levels and provide key information in real-time.

Inventory and ​Cash Control

Physical and digital inventory reporting for effective and accurate inventory control.

Equipment & Transportation

Cash registers, lights, trash cans, bus tubs and staff supplies.

Risk Mitigation

We ensure compliance with state and local laws and authorities.

Human Resources

Hire, train, manage and pay all personnel involved in operations.

Vendor Relations

Dedicated performance at every tier of production.